The Great Witchcraft Blog Tour

The Blog Tour kicks off today over on the Macmillan New Writers blog. Here’s a list of the other places I will be visiting over the next two weeks:

2 May – chatting about authors and elevators with Iain Rowan

3 May – discussing the difficulties of writing short fiction with Sarah Dobbs

6 May – writing comparisons with Dee Swift

7 May – deciding to not choose sides with MFW Curran

8 May – having the best coffee in West Sussex with Tim Stretton

9 May – letting Eliza Graham pelt me with questions

10 May – comic poetry with Frances Garrood

13 May – Nik Perring allows me to take over his blog and talk genre

14 May – the TTA Press blog does beetles

15 May – Long vs Short? Only Ian Hocking has the answer

16 May – A ten year anniversary of a Q & A with James Hazlehurst

17 May – A Tweeting Hijack Finale

I’ll make each of these links live as we go along… hope to see you in all this places!  And maybe even at the Launch Party?

elevator (Photo credit: Jose R. Borras)

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