2012 looked a bit like this…


Statistically speaking… (well, I did write a novella called Mean Mode Median once upon a time):

In 2012 I wrote one novel, nineteen short stories, one poem, and one non-fiction article.

I’m very proud of the novel. It’s currently out there, doing the rounds with publishers. I hope someone goes for it because it marks a change of my concentration into speculative fiction.

Out of the nineteen short stories:

One came second in the British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition and will be published shortly in the BFS Journal.

One was selected for The First Book of Classical Horror Stories and got some good reviews.

Four were published in magazines.

Three are about to be published in magazines during 2013.

Five are still under consideration with other magazines and anthologies.

Six of them I don’t like much. They need further work or discombobulating or something.

The one poem found a home at the LOLCat exhibition that opens on 22 January 2013.

The one article got published by Lonely Planet in their Better than Fiction anthology.

I’m guessing, but I think I wrote about 130,000 words in 2012. That doesn’t sound like a lot. Will try harder in 2013.


Important Statistics
Important Statistics (Photo credit: DrJohnBullas)






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