Mean Mode Median Free: Three Days Only

Mean Mode Median is now free to download for the next three days.

This is to celebrate the launch of Thirst eDitions, a collective e-publishing venture that ventures to try something new – the guarantee of a polished, professional e-book at a bargain price.  Other titles in the launch include Tim Stretton’s witty and energising fantasy novel on Galley Racing, Dragonchaser, and Ian Hocking’s comic return to his misspent youth in an ice-cream van, Proper Job.


Thirst eDition Fiction is an independent endeavor dedicated to providing the finest ebooks from new and established authors.  It is run as a collective venture, by authors, for authors. The profits of each e-book sold goes to the author and not the publisher, that is why Thirst eDition Fiction is a non-profit business.

Our business model is simple: the author is wholly responsible for the content of their book, including the formatting of the book for the e-reader and in most cases even the cover. This ensures Thirst eDitions can operate with no running costs and the author can receive the maximum income from their endeavors. In order for a book to qualify as a Thirst eDitions release it is vetted by a number of authors and editors. After the book goes through this quality control process it is released under the Thirst eDition Fiction label, which ensures the reader only receives the best writing from Thirst eDition Fiction.


Further information about Thirst eDitions can be found at the website. Crime writer Roger Morris (who will be releasing work under Thirst eDitions later in the year) has an interview with MFW Curran, the founder of Thirst eDitions, over on his blog.

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