Mean Mode Median Redux

Thirst eDitions will be e-publishing Mean Mode Median at the end of April, with a striking new cover design, an updated introduction, and bonus material.

Mean Mode Median was first released by bluechrome to strong reviews; since then it has become one of those underground novels that other writers rate without it achieving a wide readership. Hopefully this release as an e-book will make it a more accessible book to a new audience.

Praise for Mean Mode Median:

“Aliya has a talent for making you care about her characters—you can sense her own affection for them—but be forewarned: she is also, in a way that recalls Evelyn Waugh, brutal and ruthless while she is being funny. At moments, reading Mean Mode Median is akin to being tickled and choked at the same time, but the author is deft enough to get away with this manuever.” David Isaak

“It’s the kind of book that wins prizes, and the wonder is that Aliya Whiteley has had to go the route of independent publishing instead of being snapped up by one of the big conglomerates.” Deborah Fisher, Tregolwyn Book Reviews

“I’ll get straight to the point: Aliya Whiteley is a brilliant writer. There are number of very beautiful and evocative passages in ‘Mean Mode Median’…” David Hebblethwaite


So Ed and I told our mother and father we were normal,

and they did not bother to look deeper. 

By my ninth birthday we were both ardent readers. The books that really captured our attention were science fiction and fantasy–long epics of books that explored the fragile balances of power in created lands and futures. When we found the the Dune series by Frank Herbert we were both smitten. We read each book in turn, watched the cut-to-ribbons movie over and over again, and played out the parts with each other, aware of the subtle shifts in character that could move a universe onto a different course entirely, destroying it or redeeming it. Heady stuff. 

Was it harmless, our game play? Or did it alter us profoundly? I’m not sure. One moment we were clever children with a secret toy, and the next we were more than human, with, to steal a phrase, an exterminating angel hanging over us, touching those we chose to let it affect… 

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