Heavy necking

I love my Titan covers, and this new one is no exception: Here’s the blurb: The new collection of humane, beautiful and disarming short stories from the award-winning author of The Beauty, Clarke Award nominee The Loosening Skin and The Arrival of Missives, Aliya Whiteley. In 16 stories Whiteley deftly unpeels the strangeness of everyday life through beguiling gardens,… Continue reading Heavy necking

Horrific Eyes

This is such a great idea – illustrator Marta Oliehoek-Samitowska has interviewed a selection of horror authors about their favourite horror films and then drawn their portraits. Eye portraits, in extreme close-up, which shows her vast skill, but also feels a bit unnerving, like staring into some very dark places. Having said that, all the… Continue reading Horrific Eyes